Appraising Based on a Disciplined Search for Value

Real estate appraisal is a complex undertaking and we’d like to share some essentials with you. We appraise properties utilizing three basic techniques:

  • Sales Comparison Approach – developed by studying recent transactions of comparable properties and adjusting for differences
  • Income Capitalization Approach – based on a property’s income-producing capitalization potential
  • Cost Approach – the cost of reproducing the property

Though oversimplified, these are the fundamental approaches employed by competent appraisers. These approaches indicate the manner in which real estate relates to the current economic climate. All three approaches are not appropriate for every property.

Appraisal & Acquisition Consultants is thoroughly competent in all three areas so that we may select those approaches appropriate to the situation and apply them skillfully. We take into consideration supply and demand, highest and best use, feasibility, anticipation of future earnings and more in arriving at value conclusions.

“We take pride in Doing our Job Well”

“The high road to service is traveled with Integrity, Compassion and Understanding… People don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care.”


Appraisal & Acquisition Consultants, founded in 1983 by John R. Underwood, Jr., MAI, SRA, serves primarily the State of Florida with emphasis on Palm Beach, Broward, Martin and St. Lucie Counties. Our corporate office is located in Lantana in Palm Beach County, Florida.

We provide consulting and full-service commercial and residential appraisals for numerous lending institutions, attorneys, major corporations, many government and public service entities and private individuals.

The reputation and references of Appraisal & Acquisition Consultants are of the first order. We look forward to becoming a part of your team.

Confidentiality and Service

Appraisal & Acquisition Consultants is dedicated to a high degree of confidentiality and personal service. We encourage your comments and queries and will work closely with you. The substance of our appraisals is strictly confidential in accordance with state or federal law and the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.

In the real estate business today, we understand that quality and timeliness of service is an essential factor and we are extremely proud of our reputation for providing quality products in a timely manner.

Investment Analysis and Other Consulting Services

We provide feasibility and marketing studies, investment and sensitivity analyses, and complete studies of highest and best use alternatives. Our experience, knowledge and skill in all phases of real estate (appraisal, acquisition, development and management) enables us to provide accurate and reliable data for a multitude of decision-making processes.

Clear Reporting

We consider communication with our clients as important as the performance of the assignment. We make every effort to keep clients fully informed, as required, throughout the appraisal process. Our reports are written to conform with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice and any appropriate supplemental standards. They are presented in a format that is logical and understandable to the reader.


Our fees and time frame are based on the type of property under consideration and the complexity of the assignment. These are quoted on an individual basis for all of our services.